In the Hum

A few months ago I wrote about the importance of living in the present moment and practicing gratitude for the now, rather than focusing all of my attention on regrets from the past or anxiety surrounding the future.

It’s a huge challenge to learn to step back and appreciate each day.

When Trillium approached me about choreographing and performing in their Spring concert I was told by the artistic director that the theme of the show was “human maladies”.   This story  immediately came to my mind and I decided that my dance would center around the theme of practicing presence.

I set to work choreographing a dance.  Before long it became blindingly clear that this dance needed to be improvised rather than set.   Each time I rehearsed and then performed my dance, In the Hum, it was different, new, and unique.

I’ve done a lot of improv throughout my years as a dancer, even in performance, but never alone before.  It was definitely a little nerve wracking to think about going out on stage and not knowing what was going to happen each night!  I was really pleased with the outcome and while certain factors were set, like the video, the music, the costume, and of course me, each performance had a unique flavor.

Curious about how it all came together?  Check it out!  Here’s a video from Sunday’s performance.  Sorry, the quality is a little poor.


  1. Beautiful! I don’t even know what else to say — what a beautiful message & conveyed in such a beautiful way. You are utterly talented & gifted, Faith. I’m happy to know you.

  2. Mary

    Thanks for sharing that, Faith. It was a fabulous performance! I wish I could have seen it live. It was very inspirational and motivating, as well as artistic and beautiful.

  3. Mamashay

    I’m so glad I got to see this performance live. Faith was so beautiful and graceful it brought tears to my eyes!

  4. Watched the video, so glad for you that you are getting back into it! Your form is still very strong and you can see that you and your body loves it 🙂

  5. that was SUCH a beautiful dance…I loved it. you should go on the road-you know do dance performances and sell your amazing foods as snacks!

  6. Kate

    WOW Faith – you are amazing!! Love it!! And i still love reading your daily blog…you live such a great life!
    BTW thinking of coming to the States around late Sept/early October if you could handle a visitor for a few days!!

  7. jamie

    I’ve never been one to watch dance performances BUT i really really enjoyed the video of your dance, it was so incredible! you are so talented!

  8. Sarah

    Thank you so much for sharing Faith, I am so glad you did. I was in awe, quite literally – that must have been an amazing performance to see in person. SO graceful, and strong – I’ve got to be honest that I envy your talent, wowsers you are good. Made me wish I could do that.


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