Thirty’s Cake Walk

Oh what a wonderful first day of my 30’s!

And it was made even better by all of your sweet, thoughtful, lovely birthday wishes, thank you!!!

After being served breakfast at home I decided what I most wanted to do with MY day was hike.

Hike we did!  9 miles roundtrip and 3100 feet elevation gained.

The Priest.

We walked and talked and refueled once we (finally!) reached the top.

We arrived home late afternoon dirty and tired but there was no rest for this birthday girl.

It was yoga time.  30 sun salutations on the yoga deck later and it was time to party!

Hmmm, there was lots of good food and great friends but my pictures seem to be focused only on the booze and cake!

Holy birthday cake!!!

Tate ordered this beautiful beast from Albermarle Baking Company, they told him it would serve 20.  We cut 20 generous slices and were left with half a cake!

Mmmm leftover cake.

Alrighty, in the interest of containing this post to manageable proportions I will post some recipes in a second post.  Keep your eyes out for Goodness Green Dip and crackers in a few hours!

Thanks again for all the wonderful wishes!

P.S Kath has some lovely party pictures, she’s much more on top of the photography thing than I am!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like an amazing hike and awesome party! And that cake, words don’t describe how delish it looks!

    • Thanks Debi! I honestly can’t remember where I bought it but it probably doesn’t matter anyway because I got it when I was 16 or 17! All I remember is that it was an expensive dress for me at the time ($100?) but it was obviously worth it because it still looks fashionable and in good condition 13 years later!

      • Debi

        That makes the dress all the more awesome! Thanks for responding, I guess I will give up looking for it!

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