1. Honey Whole Wheat is our staple GH bread. The others are great, but I think it’s the best all around. 🙂

    Mmmm… cheese. I’ve always wanted to make my own cheese. Yum!


  2. Rebecca

    Wow, we’re all on the same page with the cheesemaking right now! We’re about to try mozzarella, Sparrow too, and Hayley’s been getting good at it. I want to get cheese lessons from Lynn and Danette.

  3. What a wonderful pursuit in the kitchen! Though I’m not eating dairy currently, this looks fun — I love making more & more from scratch — & have been wanting to make more of Dave’s dairy eats like yogurt & cheese by hand. I wish I could find a local milk supplier…maybe I need to look harder (or at all). Thanks for the instructions — excited to hear about the mozzarella.

  4. Mozzarella is easy, and only takes half an hour. Be sure to make it early in the day so it has time to chill. Easier to slice/grate when it’s cold. Enjoy!

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