Adventures Near and Far

“I just like the way the world looks from a bicycle seat.” 

Saturday was filled with friends, activity, and sunshine.

Eight of us headed out for an adventure.

Destination: Virginia countryside.

And a few of these.

Check out my (super-technical) biking outfit.

I was a little overdressed for most of the day but once we reached fancy-shmancy Varitas and the velour couches I fit right in! 🙂

Mmmmmm, Varitas wine is yummy!

Refueling station!

Valet parking.

The scenery was outstanding. I ♥ green mountains big time.

Our legs and lungs pedaled us about 20 miles of rolling rural roads.  I was the least experienced biker of the group but I managed to keep up, even if I brought up the rear as we climbed Afton Mountain!  I’ve always ridden a bike and I bike commuted an hour a day when I lived in Portland but I’ve never ridden long distances or used biking as exercise.  This ride was hard but so much fun!  I want to do this more often!

Tate and I are heading out on another adventure this afternoon.  We are driving to New York City to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday with a dinner party.  My cousin and his fiance were kind enough to let us crash at their condo in Brooklyn for a few days of family and city fun.  We are taking the long route home-Jersey Shore here we come!

P.S  BTW the first quote is from the best thing to come out of the 90’s, Singles!