Welcoming Home

Home again, home again.

We are such homebodiesowners these days, we cut our vacation a day short because we were so excited to get home to the garden and to do work around the yard and house today!  This is coming from the couple that spent the better part of last year living out of backpacks and sleeping in a different bed every few nights!

It was a super-full and awesome 5 1/2 days!

Thursday was good-bye Brooklyn…

…hello Atlantic City!

Tate and I were ridiculously thrilled to find this organic, fermented, $.50 bottle of vegetable juice in a sea of funnel cake and fries.  We went back for a second bottle.

Our ocean view room was more fun than the casinos!

Friday started with an awesome 5 mile beach run.  I love running on the beach, it’s such hard work!

By late afternoon we said sayonara to Jersey from the Cape May ferry.

At this point we were dreaming of garden peas and fresh cut grass so we decided to point towards home.

But not before one last day at the beach.

Tate surfed, I ran and people watched.  Virginia Beach was madness, as expected, on a gorgeous Memorial Day Saturday.

We arrived home to get fed at a neighborhood cookout and finally witness the madness of CLAW.  But first, the garden.  Even before unpacking we made the rounds and found everything had flourished in our absence.  The peas are taller than me and loaded with sugary sweet snaps, the thumb pepper is as big as my palm, and there are basil leaves the size of my ear!

1,000 miles over 4 days certainly left me sitting around a lot but I am pleased to have exercised every day but one this week.   We ate well and healthy all week, yogurt and cereal for breakfast, salads with beans or smoked salmon for lunch and dinner.  The grocery store is my favorite place to eat while on a road-trip, especially in small towns!

There’s weeding and pea picking calling my name!  Have a great Sunday!


  1. What a view from your room! I’m totally jealous of your beach time. It was rather cold and rainy here this weekend, but it cleared up today and the slightly chilly weather made for perfect running temperatures.

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