1. Maybe you could send a little heat my way? We could use a bit of warmth – although, it is supposed to get up to 22 degrees Celcius (72 F) today, so things are looking up!

    Love Tate’s suggestion – hilarious!

  2. A VERY LONG time ago a New Orleans chef taught me how to make onion rings. She insisted that the secret was to use liberal amounts of Zatarains Cayenne Pepper. I can’t say that I use liberal amounts but I do use cayenne in mine and they aren’t bad. Some days I miss New Orleans.

  3. I laughed at Tate’s suggestion for the onion rings – my husband would have said the same.
    We’ve been fortunate in that it hasn’t gotten super hot yet (think 100’s plus), instead we’ve had sort of gloomy weather, with more rain than usual and colder than usual.
    Enjoy your week!

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