Plan It

Sheesh!  Classic Monday morning-files stacked up, patients waiting, a blog post to write and NO INTERNET!  So the afternoon will be spent catching up on the missed work from the morning.  But first I’ll relive to weekend a little because it was a great one!

[that’s me in green]

Our group of Virginians/West Virginians crested at 16 people for an awesome weekend of camping, rafting, and hiking.  It felt like the start of summer!

Thanks to everyone who enthusiastically participated in Comment Commit last Friday!  It’s so inspiring to read about all of your activity!

I admit, I didn’t make it out for my planned run yesterday.  We got home at around 4pm grubby and wiped out but I did cover at least 6 miles between three different walks.

This weeks plan is 3 strength sessions, 5 yoga practices, 4 runs, and 2 Pilates workouts.  Today I will kick it off with strength and yoga.  What’s your plan?

Time to play catch-up!