Come Back Mac

My Mac is out of commission. ūüôĀ

It wouldn’t turn on all day yesterday. ¬†We are holding out that it’s just the battery (PLEASE tell me it’s just the battery!) but yesterday I walked away and went swimming.

Now I’m writing from the work computer and ignoring the growing stack of files on my desk…shush, don’t tell the boss! ūüėČ

I really enjoyed reading all the comments on the Superfood Burgers post. ¬†Turns out I am definitely not the only one with strong thoughts on tinned fish! ¬†Thanks for weighing in. ¬†I especially liked Kris’s addition of black beans into her Salmon burgers, I’m trying that next time.

Check-in time: how did your workouts do this week?! ¬†I am right on track with my goals for the week, 2 of 3 strength workouts completed, 2 of 5 yoga sessions completed, 1 of 2 Pilates workouts completed, and 1 of 4 runs completed. ¬†Now that I look at it all written out I’m actually a little behind schedule…yesterday’s heat prevented me from doing anything more than easy walking, a little biking, swimming, and a friendly game of bocce.

The forecast is looking a little more¬†manageable¬†(80’s compared to pushing 100) and I plan on running 3-4 miles a day for through the weekend. ¬†It will take a little effort and planning but I think I can fit all of my workouts in and complete my goals.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that it’s just the battery! ¬†Now on to those files…