Come Back Mac

My Mac is out of commission. 🙁

It wouldn’t turn on all day yesterday.  We are holding out that it’s just the battery (PLEASE tell me it’s just the battery!) but yesterday I walked away and went swimming.

Now I’m writing from the work computer and ignoring the growing stack of files on my desk…shush, don’t tell the boss! 😉

I really enjoyed reading all the comments on the Superfood Burgers post.  Turns out I am definitely not the only one with strong thoughts on tinned fish!  Thanks for weighing in.  I especially liked Kris’s addition of black beans into her Salmon burgers, I’m trying that next time.

Check-in time: how did your workouts do this week?!  I am right on track with my goals for the week, 2 of 3 strength workouts completed, 2 of 5 yoga sessions completed, 1 of 2 Pilates workouts completed, and 1 of 4 runs completed.  Now that I look at it all written out I’m actually a little behind schedule…yesterday’s heat prevented me from doing anything more than easy walking, a little biking, swimming, and a friendly game of bocce.

The forecast is looking a little more manageable (80’s compared to pushing 100) and I plan on running 3-4 miles a day for through the weekend.  It will take a little effort and planning but I think I can fit all of my workouts in and complete my goals.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that it’s just the battery!  Now on to those files…


  1. Good luck with your Mac!!
    Computers problems are definitely frustrating. I was without my netbook for a month while it was sent off being “fixed” (which really turned out to mean completely reformatted and wiped clean. Ugh). I have it back now, and hug it daily! (I’m kidding… kinda). 😉


    • Thanks! I was too ashamed to mention that I haven’t backed up in way too long. Or maybe I am just really hopeful that everything will be fine and dandy-it did sit untouched for 6 months last year and you’re supposed to recharge the battery each month or so…we’ll see…

  2. What a great photo of you jumping in the pool! & I love your dress. I really like the haziness of the photos; it gives them a 70’s feel — retro or old but without trying — does that make sense? I love it.
    I feel on track: I’ve done 2 of 3 runs & will finish the 3rd tomorrow after biking. I’ll swim today (along with biking) & Sunday, which will be 3 swims for the week. My bike rides were shorter & more moderate than I had planned, but hey, you have to listen to your body, right? I felt great after Bikram & will work that in a few times a month. I got in strength training & Pilates. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to climb during the week, but tomorrow should be perfect for it. I just love going to Sedona to boulder, then wander around town…then eat!
    The heat is definitely a deterrent, though for me, it’s usually the cold that does that. It’s probably fairly humid in your neck of the woods. It is d.r.y. here.
    I hope MAC lives!

    • Nice work with the workouts!
      My friend took the pictures on her iPhone with the hipstamatic app, cool eh?
      Off to get a new battery for the computer and hope that solves it!

      • It’s really cool.
        When I typed it out, I guess I did pretty well with my work outs…but I didn’t necessarily feel super motivated in the moment this week. At least I pushed through I suppose. The encouragement here helps!

  3. A little under my goals for the week but today isn’t over and the weekend is still to come 🙂 swing dancing is scheduled for tomorrow so I am getting excited!

  4. Indeed — dress details, please.

    A busy week made it tough for me to get “enough” exercise, but I’m looking forward to a super active weekend.

    Paws crossed for your Mac!

    • The dress was bought at a thrift store by my sister way back when we were in high school (’95?). It’s obviously homemade and at this point only suitable as a bathing suit cover-up or house dress because is has some moth holes and is worn so thin it’s see through! It’s so comfortable and fun though I will wear it until it completely falls off me.

  5. I hope your computer is okay. Mine has been slow lately and I’m afraid it isn’t going to last much longer.

    I made it to the pool everyday this week! And I can start wearing my boot less which means I can go to yoga tomorrow. It’s been way too long, and I’m so excited! Workout bonus for this week!

    • “Better than nothing” seems to be the theme of my workout week also. I am coming back strong today after two days of seriously skipping out. Have a fun and active weekend and remember; ANYTHI NG really is better than nothing!

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