Summer Camp

The good news for me is that I have a responsible, on-the-ball husband who actually did back up all of our pictures.

Yeah, he’s awesome.

We complement each other well, I’m good in the garden and the kitchen and reasonably tidy-he’s very handy with tools and patient with electronics.

The bad news for all of us is that, as of now, I’m not set up to post pictures on the blog.  🙁  Luckily we have a work laptop that we’re using to get our internet fix but I will have to wait until we get the verdict on the Mac to figure out the next step.

Man, what a great weekend I just had!

I feel like I just finished summer camp!  Tate and I have hooked into this amazing group of friends here in Charlottesville and we spent most of the last 5 days swimming, eating, going to see Arcade Fire, berry picking, camping, running, and chilling together.  We would disperse for work and sleeping but come the weekend it was full-on.  We met up Saturday morning for a group run followed by a lake swim and brunch; now that’s the way to kick off the weekend!  Saturday night we camped and there was more swimming and group runs to be had.  I can only hope that our weekend was indicative of the summer we will have!

Last week was very active but I fell a little short on my exercise goals.  The heat and (whoops) a wee bit of a hangover definitely contributed to missing a run and two yoga practices.  I love reading your goals and achievements, it really does help motivate me to get moving and commit to my workouts, keep ’em coming!

What I learned last week is that I need to plan exercise early into my day.  My days are so open and flexible for the most part that usually I know what workout I want to accomplish for the day but let the timing of it play out organically.  It turns out the when the days are hot and there’s lots of fun activities going on at night this is not the most successful strategy.  This week I will be set certain times of the day, morning when possible, to complete my workouts so they won’t get pushed later and later until they get pushed to the next day.

This week I’m setting the same goals and this time they will be met!

  • 4 runs-15 miles total
  • 5 yoga practices-minimum 20 minutes each
  • 2 Pilates workouts-minimum 15 minutes each
  • 3 strength workouts-minimum 25 minutes each
What are your exercise goals for the week?  Are they more, less, or the same as usual?  Mine are just a little bump up from my usual.  3 runs, 3 strength, 1 Pilates, and 2-3 yoga sessions is pretty standard these days.   It’s a mental hurdle more than a physical one to add that extra run, yoga, and Pilates!


  1. Carrie

    I’m going to be traveling this week and seem to have a cold, so my goal is to get 1 run in and walk at least 3 times. I’m also going to try to get in 3 strength/pilates or yoga days.

  2. Due to two interviews and travel time this week I am going to aim to do less so that I can actually finish the week feeling successful.
    Yoga 3 times, Elliptical or Bike 2 times, Arms 2 times, Planks with arm movement 5 times.
    Last week I hit a wall with my planks and I am hoping that adding movement will help me stay focused and motivated ^_^

  3. Aw, don’t you love when husband is the best? At least they were saved.
    Your friends sounds amazing. Won’t lie, Dave & I are jealous; we’d love to find an active group of people like that.
    My intentions for the week are similar: 3 each of runs, swims, bikes. 2 Pilates sessions & 1 – 2 yoga. I’d also like to get in more strength training this week, at least 2, & WILL boulder during the week. I fell a little short last week on running & biking; it’s more difficult to get in “training” on the weekend when we have active plans, but at least they were swapped out for another session of Bikram or other active pursuits. Enjoy your workouts!

  4. This week will be tough for me, because a mid-week mountain bike race and an upcoming weekend running event will force rest and recovery where I’d normally be running and playing. My plan is to squeeze in little workouts where I can — pilates, arms & abs, a short recovery run or spin on the bike, maybe some mellow climbing.

    Lots of luck! And wow — summer camp sounds FUN!

  5. Oh my! I wish I had the goals you have! (not to mention your in-shape body!) My goal is to walk 10,000 steps each day (which doesn’t always happen), and to go running 2 or 3 times this week. I guess you have to start somewhere! 🙂

    • We all start somewhere and 10,000 steps + a few runs is a great amount of movement! 12 years ago I could barely manage a mile run then 2 years ago I ran a marathon! I am not fast or a natural at running but my consistency has paid off. Have great walks and runs this week!

  6. Carol

    Still planning to continue with my runs. I have three planned again this week and two days of strength. We shall see how everything goes:) I have discovered I can’t run back to back days. I need to run every other day in order to get a great work out in.

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