Getting High

I can barely describe how happy it makes me to walk out into my yard with this…

…walking back in the house a few minutes later with this…

…and sitting down, a few minutes later, to this.

Now that’s a garden salad!

Remember the thumb pepper?  It’s got tons of friends now!

And check out these twisted sisters.

Salads have been a lunch staple for the last few weeks.  Garden veg topped with kitchen-grown sprouts, a bit of grains, and tempeh/tofu/eggs/nuts make an amazingly fast, delicous, and nutritious meal.

The theme of my week is “movement is my medicine”.  Take this morning for example; I was feeling groggy, grumpy, and unmotivated.  5 (slow!) miles later and I am a happy camper!

I certainly appreciate and acknowledge the aesthetic and physical benefits of exercise but my biggest motivational factor to getting moving is the mental and emotional ones.  I’m here for the runners high, burning calories is a bonus.

What motivates you to get moving?