Motivational Mojo

I used to be a go-getter.

I always had a project or three in the works and was constantly running from rehearsals to one of my many jobs.

Then I moved to Lima, Peru and daily tasks became daily adventures.  Most of these adventures were a result of language issues, I am particularly challenged in this field, but the cultural differences were not to be taken for granted either.  Grocery shopping, getting laundry washed and gas delivered for the stove became the main items on my to-do list.

At first I attempted to seek out dance classes and volunteer opportunities but quickly got discouraged when class info was never correct and you had to pay to volunteer.

Life slowed to a crawl.

Maybe I am being to hard on myself. I did hold mat Pilates classes out of our spare bedroom. I had a number of personal training clients.  I worked for and with this amazing young women, helping her through her day and doing therapeutic exercises with her.  I went to Machu Picchu three times in a year.   I had house-guests for over three of the twelve months we lived there.  I formed a few international BFF’s.

I had big hope and ambition that I would hit the ground running when I returned to “the States”.  I was ready to build my career, make a name for myself in my new home of Charlottesville.  But there were a lot of setbacks.  My certifications had expired while I was gone.  Purchasing the building for the clinic and my studio got delayed by the bank month after month.

Then my certs were updated and the building was ours.  It was the dead of winter and the gyms weren’t hiring, my studio was super slow and the clinic deserved my full attention.

Here we are in June.  I’ve lived in Charlottesville for 9 months.  I am thrilled with the clinic, thrilled with our house, thrilled with town, and thrilled with our community.  But something is still missing.  I need projects!  The blog has been a wonderful, grounding, satisfying aspect in my life over the last year but I am ready for a little more.

I want a few things in my life that feed me the way teaching and dancing does.

The problem is that the dance scene is in a downswing around here and, while I do have a few teaching opportunities in the hopper, classes are few and far between.

Are these just excuses?  Sometimes I feel that I hit a motivational wall in South America and now I am just drowning in apathy.  Don’t worry, I expect no sympathy for this; apathy is, well, pathetic.

I like to point the finger at small town living, less dance, less teaching opportunities, less students to go around, but what’s all that finger pointing going to get me?

The reason I’m putting this out there today is a hope that publicly proclaiming that I am ready to get my ass in gear and make some stuff happen for myself will be the proverbial kick in the pants I need to get into gear.  I’m ready for my motivational mojo to return!

Thanks for listening!

“Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.”
-William James