Motivational Mojo

I used to be a go-getter.

I always had a project or three in the works and was constantly running from rehearsals to one of my many jobs.

Then I moved to Lima, Peru and daily tasks became daily adventures.  Most of these adventures were a result of language issues, I am particularly challenged in this field, but the cultural differences were not to be taken for granted either.  Grocery shopping, getting laundry washed and gas delivered for the stove became the main items on my to-do list.

At first I attempted to seek out dance classes and volunteer opportunities but quickly got discouraged when class info was never correct and you had to pay to volunteer.

Life slowed to a crawl.

Maybe I am being to hard on myself. I did hold mat Pilates classes out of our spare bedroom. I had a number of personal training clients.  I worked for and with this amazing young women, helping her through her day and doing therapeutic exercises with her.  I went to Machu Picchu three times in a year.   I had house-guests for over three of the twelve months we lived there.  I formed a few international BFF’s.

I had big hope and ambition that I would hit the ground running when I returned to “the States”.  I was ready to build my career, make a name for myself in my new home of Charlottesville.  But there were a lot of setbacks.  My certifications had expired while I was gone.  Purchasing the building for the clinic and my studio got delayed by the bank month after month.

Then my certs were updated and the building was ours.  It was the dead of winter and the gyms weren’t hiring, my studio was super slow and the clinic deserved my full attention.

Here we are in June.  I’ve lived in Charlottesville for 9 months.  I am thrilled with the clinic, thrilled with our house, thrilled with town, and thrilled with our community.  But something is still missing.  I need projects!  The blog has been a wonderful, grounding, satisfying aspect in my life over the last year but I am ready for a little more.

I want a few things in my life that feed me the way teaching and dancing does.

The problem is that the dance scene is in a downswing around here and, while I do have a few teaching opportunities in the hopper, classes are few and far between.

Are these just excuses?  Sometimes I feel that I hit a motivational wall in South America and now I am just drowning in apathy.  Don’t worry, I expect no sympathy for this; apathy is, well, pathetic.

I like to point the finger at small town living, less dance, less teaching opportunities, less students to go around, but what’s all that finger pointing going to get me?

The reason I’m putting this out there today is a hope that publicly proclaiming that I am ready to get my ass in gear and make some stuff happen for myself will be the proverbial kick in the pants I need to get into gear.  I’m ready for my motivational mojo to return!

Thanks for listening!

“Begin to be now what you will be hereafter.”
-William James


  1. Sandy

    Have you considered teaching Jazzercise or a Bar Method kind of class? Both of those would be dance inspired but more of fitness trend.

  2. Yes, it’s hard getting things rolling in a little town like this. C-ville has got a lot going on, but it’s still a small town and it can feel like there is only so much to go around. It takes time. I totally relate to this post, sometimes it feels like “business” is just crawling along. If you start a mat pilates class again at Core (it’s not happening right now, no?) I will totally be there. I was going to buy a pass at Tru, but I think I might save the money… I commend you for just putting this out there. It’s good to state your intentions and be honest about where you are. Excuse me for sounding a bit too new-agey, but I only say this because I know from my experience that this is indeed true – Ask and you shall receive! When you’re aligning yourself with the Universe….things fall into place…. and I know they will for you! Love Frances

  3. Having just moved from SLC, I understand the “small town” slump — I mean, I love it here; but I get it
    Always here to “listen”. 🙂 (I’m here to bounce emails back & forth if you need/like too.) You’ll find it (your mojo). You do so much already & your life is filled with so much passion & beauty, but I’m not surprised you need a little something more. It just seems fitting (from the little I know of you — or presume to know); you hold yourself to high standards & need to live a deep, meaningful life. Maybe you could set your sights & intentions toward one major passion & run with it, rather than bouncing from smaller projects. I actually have no idea what I’m talking about in this comment, but you inspire me; & I can’t wait to see what more you do.

    • Thank you Allie. Really, thank you. Your comment is, as always, thoughtful and pertinent. I’ve also thought that I should probably just focus on one thing but I can’t figure out which direction to run!

      • I am right there with you, struggling to decide which direction to run. This week, I have actually been contemplating a lot & trying to articulate my own feelings to share. It can been sort of draining at times.

  4. INTERNATIONAL BFF STATUS! You are amazing and motivated and wonderful. The rest of your community are here for you, lifting you up and we will reflect back on you ALL that you have accomplished…which is A TON. Just read back through your blog to see how far you’ve come in these last nine months and how much you’ve gotten done. And, we’re here to get motivate you and go with you on this awesome journey! This International BFF loves you. So much.

  5. It may just be a “moving” slump. I’ve moved from city to city (NYC to LA), and I definitely have felt that slump and I’m weeding my way out of it as we speak. Sometimes putting it out there publicly is enough motivation so you don’t have to go back and update that things are still the same. But starting a business in a new town sounds pretty motivational to me – so I’m sure you’ll bounce back!

    • Thanks Katie, I think you’re right, it is a bit of a moving slump. The problem is that I’ve been moving for the last 2 1/2 years! NYC to LA sounds like a tough transition in so many ways, I hope it’s going well for you!

  6. I just stumbled upon this blog and post and am left inspired by you and your story. My own is a jumbled version of the same–I just moved from a small community where I was one of the few yoga teachers, and I was very busy as a result. I had just started a health & nutrition counseling business that was going well, and then we moved to Denver. It’s only been three weeks, but I feel swallowed up by the city. Or have been feeling. To see others who feel the same, and are still pressing on with panache (you!) makes me think that maybe I need to see things in a new way and start moving towards my goals too.

    Thanks for sharing and best to you in following your passions 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing and the feedback Keri. Ours are similar stories yet inverted! I feel like I had so much more opportunity in a city (Portland) and now I am in a very insular community with no reputation proceeding me. It’s been really challenging for me to put myself out there and risk falling on my face but, as cheesy as it is, I’ve been trying to remember that quote about it being better to try and fail than not to try at all. It’s really hard for me to put my ego aside and recognize that it is not a personal insult if no one shows up for my classes. I have gotten a lot of feedback over the years that I am a good teacher and the obstacle lies in the scheduling and lack of advertising, not my ability as a teacher. Anyways, I wish you all the success, happiness, and satisfaction in the world and urge you to put yourself out there and see what happens! Namaste

  7. Alex

    This is slight off topic but a google search brought me to your post. I am moving to Lima at the end of the month and am trying to figure out what kind of fitness classes I can take there. I do reformer Pilates and Bar Method here in California and was wondering if you had any suggestions on classes or studios in Lima. Wish you were still there, I’d be a student!!

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Alex!
      I know that there is a Pilates studio in Larcomar, a big mall in the heart of Miraflores. There are also several gyms around the city, some of them very nice and offering all the classes you are accustomed to. I found them a bit pricey for my budget and compared to other things in the country but they are comparable to CA prices. It’s definitely a little trickier to get the current info about classes, etc., I found that they don’t use the internet for up-to-date info like we do but that was over 2 years ago so things may have changed.
      Enjoy and let me know if you have other questions about Lima! What is taking you there?

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