1. I love bee pollen & maca & use them both regularly, though I would love more creative ways to use the pollen. You are so lucky to get them fresh from Peru!
    (Do you like popcorn? Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a little maca over air-popped corn as a fun snack.)

  2. Thanks for the info on bee pollen. I found some at the farmer’s market when I was in search of some locally produced honey. The beekeeper was telling me about how she uses the pollen but I chose not to buy it at that time. I did get the honey and it’s dark and lovely. When I go back this weekend I’ll buy some. I’m into nutrients as well.

    • You’ll have to share what she told you & how you use it (in a post or something)…please. 🙂 How neat to find it fresh from a local beekeeper! I’ll have to keep my eyes out for that.

      • One of things she said is that some people have a tough time developing a taste for it. I assume it has an intense flavor. She says she just puts a spoonful mixed in with her honey and eats it that way – straight off the spoon. She also mentioned that she’d read a lot of research about the consumption of local (it must be local) honey and the pollen as well helping with allergy symptoms. It seems to have a desensitization effect and that it doesn’t happen overnight.

        • I’ve been trying to come up with a description of the flavor and it’s really hard for me to pinpoint! One thing I will say is to start slow, like a tsp. or less mixed into something. I made the mistake of way overdoing it a few years ago and it turned me off of bee pollen for a while. It has a thickening component that makes it a nice addition to smoothies, especially when mixed with bananas.

  3. I’ve seen local bee pollen here in Charlotte, from one of our honey bottlers. I have never used it though. Actually, this might be a stupid question – but if one is allergic to pollen in the air in springtime, etc – would you want to consume bee pollen? I’m not allergic to bee stings (that I know of – but that can always change)… and obviously have no issues with local honey… but I am curious, yet cautious in regard to the pollen itself…


  4. LOVE this post! Looks delish, plus, we’re beginning to research beekeeping in our backyard, and I’m thrilled to learn more about bee pollen! Thanks, Faith!

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  6. I am originally from Russia and serviceberries grow in almost every garden there and I love them! I didn’t know what they were called in English and never came across them here in the UK. So happy I saw this blog post, now I know what I am going to look for! I also have a sample sachet of maca powder which has been lying around for awhile, now I know where to use it and I have bee pollen too! Totally adding it all to my oats next time. Thank you!

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