Running on Schedule

It’s Friday!

Time to check in on our progress towards our weekly workout goals.

How’s everyone doing?  My workouts are right on track but, as typical, I still have lots planned for the next three days.

I’ve completed 2 out of 4 runs (9 miles), 3 out of 5 yoga session, 2 out of 3 strength workouts, and 0 out of 2 Pilates workouts (:( why do I always put off Pilates?  I love it once I get started but I tend to procrastinate…maybe I need to start scheduling my first workout for Mondays).  Today’s agenda includes strength, Pilates, and yoga.  No problem, I got this. 🙂

The weekend is looking pretty chill, which is fine by me.  As fun as last weekend was we were tired and a little sick (with colds) by the end of it.  There’s always gardening to do and I am hoping for a hike on Sunday.

Yesterday I was feeling so inspired by my new superfoods that I whipped up some truffles and no-bake cookies featuring bee pollen and maca.  I plan to experiment a little more over the weekend and have a recipe for you next week.

Tell me, did you meet your exercise goals this week?