Running on Schedule

It’s Friday!

Time to check in on our progress towards our weekly workout goals.

How’s everyone doing?  My workouts are right on track but, as typical, I still have lots planned for the next three days.

I’ve completed 2 out of 4 runs (9 miles), 3 out of 5 yoga session, 2 out of 3 strength workouts, and 0 out of 2 Pilates workouts (:( why do I always put off Pilates?  I love it once I get started but I tend to procrastinate…maybe I need to start scheduling my first workout for Mondays).  Today’s agenda includes strength, Pilates, and yoga.  No problem, I got this. 🙂

The weekend is looking pretty chill, which is fine by me.  As fun as last weekend was we were tired and a little sick (with colds) by the end of it.  There’s always gardening to do and I am hoping for a hike on Sunday.

Yesterday I was feeling so inspired by my new superfoods that I whipped up some truffles and no-bake cookies featuring bee pollen and maca.  I plan to experiment a little more over the weekend and have a recipe for you next week.

Tell me, did you meet your exercise goals this week?



  1. I’m pretty well on track too. Even if I don’t do exactly as planned, I’m still getting movement in every day (& a little more strength training than swimming)…except yesterday, which was only some walking. We had planned to boulder when Dave got off work, made it out to The Draw, then realized we didn’t have our climbing shoes. 🙁 Boo. That’s never happened before. Because Dave said everything was in the FJ, I didn’t even check. He felt awful, so I got a recovery day & a nice, little massage last night to make up for it. 🙂 My left deltoid & rotator cuffs were grateful.
    I can’t wait for the recipes.

  2. The first three days of my week were crazy! I was in my vehicle several hours each day traveling for interviews. I tried to take time to walk a little extra when I was out of my vehicle which helped 🙂 The exciting part is: I got a job! Three hours after my last interview on Wednesday they school called and offered me the position!!!
    I am behind on my planks but I feel like I have overcome the wall that I hit last week which really excites me. Yoga and arms latter today with my planks and tomorrow I think a bike ride or elliptical workout sounds wonderful. Since I am going to be directing show choir in the fall, I think dancing is going to become apart of my activities in the coming weeks 😉

  3. Carol

    Way to get your goals met!
    Met mine also! 3 strength and 3 runs:)
    Next week will be my challenge with class starting and having to wake up a little earlier:)
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I didn’t comment Monday, but my workouts were pretty much non-existent this week. Oops! It was just one of those weeks, I guess, because I wasn’t at home and started a new job.

    Even though you didn’t hit all of your targets, you still moved a whole heck of a lot. Good job!

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