Extra Sleep

Classic Monday morning.

Him “Oh Sh**!!”

Me “humphm?”

Him “It’s 7:20!”

7:20, as in 50 minutes after we should have gotten up.  7:20, as in patients would be at the clinic doors within a half an hour.

Good thing I am a seriously low-maintenance gal.  A quick brush to the hair and teeth, deodorant and perfume, and I still had 5 minutes left to make coffee.

We were out the door in 12 minutes.  And Tate shaved.  No cuts either!  And I made him an egg sandwich (which he has yet to get a spare moment to eat).  Luckily I had a true grab ‘n go breakfast waiting for me in the fridge, overnight oats.

I grabbed the oats but neglected my camera.  My camera has the pictures of the homemade mozzarella I made last night.  Yeah, I think I’d better double post today and share those pictures with you once I get home.

Exercise goals this week

  • 4 runs (15 miles)
  • 5 yoga practices (minimum 20 minutes)
  • 3 strength training workouts (25-35 minutes)
  • 2 Pilates workouts
These are the same goals I set and accomplished last week.  It was a lot of exercise but not too much, it pushed me just beyond my normal levels of activity.  I was just a little sore by Sunday but I think that was due to a 4 hour dance workshop I participated in on Sunday.
 Allie, Carol, Johanna, Joanne,and Anna, you did awesome last week, what are your exercise goals this week?  Anyone is welcome to publicly declare their goals here by leaving a comment.  Come back on Friday and tell us all about your accomplishments!
Now where did I leave my coffee…


  1. my exercise goals this week include getting movement through fun activities like tubing on the river and a little hiking around. I intend to continue with my regular exercise program 3 X which includes cardio, strength training with free weights, yoga water workouts and pilates. I also intend to do three sessions of basic qi qong practice from the internet and meditate every day for at least 10 minutes- daily breathing and self acupressure treatments are part of my fitness intentions this week. Thanks Faith for giving me a space to verify these intentions. Namaste’ and love to your day.

  2. Casey

    I’m following a half marathon training plan (not sure if I’m actually going to sign up for one or not). On Saturday, I’m supposed to run 8 miles! This will be the longest run I’ve ever done (should it actually happen).

    • That’s awesome that you are training for a half marathon. When I did my first 8 mile half marathon training run, I’d never run longer than 60 minutes before and 8 miles seemed insane. And then I did it. And it wasn’t so hard (nor was it easy!). Breaking through the new milages is always as much a mental workout as a physical one. I think I was prepared for it to seem impossible so once I actually put one foot in front of the other and did it I was pleasantly surprised. I’m totally going to be your cheerleader and tell you “you can do it!!!”. Do you take walking breaks during your runs? For me, walking one minute for every 9 minutes of running is a great way to mentally break-up a long run and I run faster overall so my time is barely effected.

      • Casey

        My longest run to date is 6 miles (which took me about 62 minutes), and I did take some walking breaks towards the end. I foresee some walking for this upcoming run! Thanks for the words of encouragement! They will definitely help me get through it!

        • If you haven’t already, I recommend checking out Jeff Galloway. He’s a running coach that promotes taking scheduled walking breaks during your runs. Reading his training plans made me realize that walking a minute each running mile still counts as running! And that it can help me run faster, further, and with less injury. I am sure you can find some info on the web. Enjoy your run!

  3. I want to see that mozzarella with details! Do you get your milk locally?
    I think my training plans are going to take a bit of a shift, which I am still sorting out this morning; so I’ll be back later with my commitment.
    How was the dance workshop?

    • The milk is VA local (not Cville local) but I am having a bit of an internal debate on which milk I should buy. The one I like because of it’s price, flavor, and glass bottling will not verify if/how much they are grass-fed. Curious to hear about your training plans!

    • At least 3 days of strength training (weights, pilates, HIIT); >20 min of Endurance 3 times (be it running, swimming, traversing, etc.), gentle yoga or stretching daily with 2 – 3 more intense days, climb/boulder 2 – 3 times, preferably one during the week.

  4. Yes, please — mozza-share!

    This week I plan to ride my bike 3 times (road or mountain), run 3 times, take 2 pilates classes, and do lots of stretching, pull ups, push ups and sit ups on my own.

    I know I’m kind of cheating by not listing mileage…I’ll get better at this, I promise!

    • I share my mileage to show that quantify my workouts a little more. Yes, I’m working out a lot but when I say “5 yoga practices” this means less than 2 hours total for the week. Your plan sounds great!

  5. You seem so happy for someone who overslept! When that happens to me, and I start the day in a panicked, rushed mode, I end up cranky until that night.

    • Surprisingly, it didn’t actually throw me too far off my game. It certainly helped that work is pretty chill and it’s our own buisness. The worst part was that I had to wait too long to eat breakfast and I’ve been extra hungry all day as a result!

  6. I had hopped to work out this morning but a case of the flu has set me back 🙁
    Oh well. My goals this week are to complete three days of C25K using the elliptical, planks five days, arms three days and yoga three days. No long days of traveling this week so keeping active will be a perfect distraction while I start planning for the coming school year 🙂

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