Organic Insurance


It’s only the first day of summer and already the tomato plants have out grown me!

Do you see all of the green fruit?

The day-lilies, asiatic lilies, echinacea, and dill are all in full bloom.

The bush beans have flowered and will soon produce one of my favorite vegetables!

Bell peppers abound!

And cucumbers creep.

See the little baby yellow squash? It will be ready for the grill in no time!

Chiogga beets and watermelon radishes fresh from the earth.

Gardening is creative.  And cathartic.  And educational.  And a money saver.  And yummy.  But do you know what’s best about growing your own food?  You know what’s in it and on it!

I am a serious sucker for a bargain and I am, obviously, a big fruit and vegetable eater.  In the past I have written off the importance of buying and eating organic, thinking that the produce I was eating was still supplying me with lots of good nutrients.  I don’t necessarily believe that anymore.  Certain crops are so heavily sprayed with chemicals and/or genetically modified that consuming them actually cancels out the nutrients and does your body more harm than good.

It’s been challenging to pass up on $1.25 cartons of strawberries (the worst crop in terms of pesticide levels) but the way I see it is that if I am willing to shell out $175 a month for health insurance than I can pay a few dollars more for strawberries that will help keep me healthier.

I believe in putting my money where my mouth is and thus committing to buy organic or local confirmed low-spray for the dirty dozen and garden organically.

Check out this video on the serious issues in the U.S. food supply system.