First Push Ups

Looks like I’m not the only one that squeezes in a little exercise at work…

Oh yeah, and that’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu to the First Ladies right.

Man, talk about some motivation to get you moving!

I had an active and sweaty week and am right on track to fulfill my exercise goals for the week.  Well, almost fulfill them. I’ve taken the last three days off yoga but am looking forward to getting back to it today.   And tomorrow I am attending a 2 hour Solstice yoga workshop so in my mind that will make up for a few skipped practices.

How’d your exercise week go?


  1. My week got derailed by the flu that then stole all of my energy once it left 🙁 I did manage to do three reps of plank for 60 seconds on Wednesday! My goal for the last six weeks has been leading up to holding a plank for a minute so I was just a little excited 😀 I am hopping my energy holds for some light yoga today and maybe a little more activity tomorrow in addition to more minute planks! Listening to my body has been my priority this week.

  2. I feel pretty good. Let’s see…M-pilates, tennis drills,T-HII(strength)T, W-bike 1hr, strength, TH-boulder, F-weight maintenance, pilates. Looks like my endurance work slacked a bit, so I’ll probably run/bike or swim a couple times this weekend, plus we’ll be kayaking & climbing, so fun all around! I skipped yoga, but have tried to stay up on stretching/flexibility work. Next week I’ll focus more on yoga.
    Enjoy your workshop & your weekend!!

    • ha “weight maintenance” looks weird. It’s my muscle maintenance/weight training balance day, where I focus on strengthening neglected muscles, be it rotator cuffs, forearms, rhomboids, etc.

  3. Casey

    I did my 8 mile run on Saturday morning. It was glorious! Thanks for your advice and words of encouragement!

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