Porch Sitters

There’s nothing like West Virginia in July and this weekend was no exception.  Another 4th filled with

Amazing food & drink

Grilled Pizza!

Fresh Churned Ginger Ice Cream

Freshly Minted

Freshly Poured

Patriotic Birthday Cake

Summer in full bloom

Pasural strolls

Bonfires blazing

 Good ol’ fashioned bell slinging

I had a great teacher!  Sadie and I grew up together and now she’s living in Oakland working as a personal trainer at Cliff Bar.  She’s an amazing yoga teacher and is currently training for her next Russian Kettlebell Challenge cert (i.e. insanity).  We always make a point of sweating when we are together. 🙂

Sadie gave me a (not-so-relaxing) post-workout stretch.

And last but not least, lots of porch sitting!

Thanks to everyone who made it a delicious, fun, active, and entertaining weekend!