Girl Meets Boy

June 1998

A boy and a girl make eyes at each other from the back of rafts while working as whitewater river guides.

Summer 2001

The boy and girl decide they want to be together and move from West Virginia to Utah for college and mountains and snow.

Winter 2002

The boy professes his commitment to the girl and asks her to marry him.

July 7 2007

The best day of the girls life.

Surrounded by love, they celebrated their love.

She promised to be his partner when their love was easy and when it was challenging.  He promised to look for things before he asked where they were.

They danced the night away in each others arms.

July 7 2011

The boy and girl woke up smiling because the last 4 years of marriage have been better than they imagined.   And because he still looks for things before he asks where they are.