Will Squat for Berries

I spent the weekend doing this;

It’s a new workout program, it’s called “Deep Squats for WILD BLUEBERRIES”.  It’s highly effective.

Tones the tush and fills the belly.

You know what else is a highly effective workout?

14 miles over two days with a pack on the back!

This type of body-mind-spirit workout requires complete disconnect from the real world and the cellphone and iphone were left in the car for all of the 18 hours we were in the woods.

Tate and I spend a lot of time together, at work and at home, but there’s no quality time like hiking time.  It was a little extension of our anniversary celebration. 🙂

Our “second honeymoon” suite. 🙂

Hope you too had a fit and fabulous weekend!


  1. It was 120 degrees heat index here yesterday afternoon. Could’ve used some of that deep woods shade. I couldn’t sleep early this morning so I got up in the darkness and rode my bike for 40 min, did long slow stretches and lifted some light weights to help rehab my shoulder. Felt great – but it was still hot. Glad you had a good time.

  2. hi! I’m new to your blog, and to c-ville – but my husband and I have managed to get in a good share of hiking trips since we moved from Chicago 3 months ago! So amazing to be so close to nature. We are really eager to get some overnight camping in too. Your weekend looks great! Fresh berries are the best 🙂 What camp site did you end up in? Would you recommend it? It looks beautiful, wherever you were!

    • Hi Eileen,
      Welcome to Cville! We hiked/camped the Rockytop-Big Run Loop from Milepost 83 on Skyline Drive. It was a really nice hike with a great campsite (the photo does no justice to it’s true charm).
      We are having people over for drinks and fish tacos tomorrow night (Wednesday) and would be happy to have you and your husband join in. E-mail me a gracefulfitness[at]live.com for the time and address if y’all are free!

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