5.5 Is The New 6

On June 1st I set a goal to run a 6 miler every week of this month.

On June 2nd I ran 2 miles and hung up my running shoes, I just wasn’t feeling it and it didn’t feel right to force it.

After 10 days of not running I was ready to go this morning, so with a heat index of 90 and 70% humidity away I went.

It was the longest run of my life.  I stopped to pee, drink water, walk, chat with friends, chat with Tate, admire flowers, admire tomato plants…

In all seriousness, 5.5 miles totally counts as 6 in my book when lacing up your shoes causes you to break a sweat.

Heat index aside, I’m always surprised at how quickly my body gains and loses physical fitness.  I’m not talking about shape or weight or muscle, I’m talking endurance and strength.  So what that I trotted through a full marathon 2 years ago?  6 miles is still a long distance for these short little legs!

Our bodies are beautifully adaptable to changes and challenges and not-so-beautifully but equally adaptable to times of lethargy.   I’ve been far from lethargic the last few weeks but my 5.5 mile running feat was a good reminder that fitness is a journey NOT a destination.  And GRACEFULfitness is recognizing where you are on your personal journey, identifying where you want to be, and negotiating that path in ways that respect your body, your mind, and your unique abilities.

I’m off to the airport to pick up a VIP…my sister!  She hopped on  a redeye last night in Portland, Oregon to come join us Easterners in the heat.

Stay cool my friends.