Between Bumpass and Cuckoo

Between Bumpass and Cuckoo lies Mineral Virginia (that’s MIN-ral by the way).  And every year around this time Mineral gets serious about it’s music.




Specifically bluegrass music.

I don’t listen to a lot of bluegrass at home but I do love it live.  Especially outdoors in the summertime while I’m swinging between the trees with friends!

I skipped the festival food offerings and dug into a Virginia melon instead.

ALL of the music was awesome at the 28th annual Mineral Bluegrass Festival but 5 year old Owen of the Snyder Family Bandseriously stole the show.  Check him out!  That is one ridiculously talented family!

The weekend was breezy and lovely but now we are bracing for the next heat wave!  I guess I’d better start setting the alarm a little earlier if I want to get any running in this week!


    • Oh wow, the Jazz Festival has always been a little fantasy of mine but honestly I don’t know if I could handle the crowds very well! Little ol’ Mineral was a nice and super mellow scene.

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