Resting is Training

I love to move.  No, I need to move.  I grew up dancing and my body feels “normal” when it is (or has recently been) moving.  Inactivity quickly makes me stiff and even a little sore.  My energy levels plummet and my mood dips with a stagnant body.

Most of the time I balance my workouts with “active rest days”, allowing my body to recover while still feeding my need to move with some walking or biking or yoga.  Most of the time this works beautifully.

Occasionally my body says “just give it a rest”, and so I do.

I gave it a rest on Saturday, spending most of the day lying on a blanket listening to little Owen sing about his weary bones.

I gave it a rest yesterday when I ended up spending an unexpected 9 hours in the clinic and was too tired to for even a few work jacks or push ups.

My training objective for June was to push my self a little harder than I had been.  July’s objective is “give it a rest”.  I am still keeping up with my weekly 3 strength workouts and 2 Pilates workouts but fewer runs and fewer yoga sessions per week means more down time.  August will be a push it month again.

Do you plan your workouts ahead of time by the day/week/month?  Do you look at the big picture and see how you can vary your workouts over time to keep your body challenged?

Total change of gears: check out these mushrooms!



9am (next day)

This mushroom kit is simple to use, you open it up and spray it with the included water spritzer a few times a day.  Nothing happened for the first 3-4 days and then BAM!  Oyster mushrooms!

Here’s the fun part; Back to the Roots says that if you post a pic of your growing kit on their Facebook page they will send the classroom of your choice a kit to help teach kids about sustainability (the kit is filled with used coffee grounds from Pete’s!).

If you are a school teacher who would like to include mushroom growing in your curriculum this year, post a comment and I’ll post my pic for you!  There’s only one available so the first comment will get it.