Return from the Lake

For the last two decades my papa has orchestrated an annual camping weekend at a beautiful and serene lake in rural West Virginia.  Over the last decade I’ve lived all over the place and have rarely, if at all, made it to the lake.  Tate and I made a last minute decision on Friday afternoon to join in the fun, and we are so glad we did!  Over 35 wonderful people came, swam, played, ate, and laughed over the course of three days.

Highlights from the weekend include Saturday and Sunday trail runs around the lake (7 miles on Sunday!) and some “lap” swimming.  I’ll let the pictures show you the other highlights;

Spreg Rolls!  A cooked cabbage filling like an egg roll wrapped up in a spring roll rice paper! Gotta get creative when cooking outdoors. 🙂

Want a gourmet tent side breakfast?  Invite a crazy baker!

My little bro flipped out.

So much fun in the water!


Can you spot the real Faith?  Hint: I’m short!

Thanks for organizing such a great weekend, Papa!

The weather was perfect, I didn’t get a single mosquito bite, and above all the company was fantastic!



  1. Tracy

    This looks like such fun!! My big high up cousins are the coolest =)

    And I’m loving the water pictures!


  2. I have that same straw hat, I never thought of turning the brim out though! I’m going to wear it that way to the pool today! This post reminds me of my family time in Maine, laughing, eating, napping and swimming, the best week of summer. I love your blog FYI

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