Happy C’villian

After spending 10 years living in various states “out West”, Peru, and even out of our backpacks for several months, choosing where to set up house long term was a tough decision.

Ultimately Tate and I felt a strong desire to live closer to our parents, (most of) our brothers and sisters, and our nieces and nephews in West Virginia.  At 2-3 hours away, Charlottesville seemed like a good fit.

Over the 11 months we have lived here, C’ville has proved itself to me over and over again as, indeed, an excellent fit.  This weekend was one of those moments.

48 hours of camping, swimming, yoga, hiking, and cooking with 11 lovely women.

Pre-hike stretch!

Check out those loaded packs!

The bar. 😉

Fire-side fancy footwear.

Snack time!

Food tastes better over an open fire.

I love the simplicity of camping.

Camping life is primal, time revolves around making fire, cooking food, staying dry (at least your stuff), and doing it all again.  I feel so satisfied and present spending entire days and nights outside.

Taking this picture was the only time I saw a clock all weekend!

Nothing sweeter than outdoor yoga.

We were in and out of the water all day and all night, I even got in some “lap” swimming on Saturday!

Are y’all over my jump shots yet?  The always have such life and enthusiasm!

Screw Monday, I want to go back to the woods!

Hope you had an energizing and fun weekend!


  1. Anna H (Benz)

    Yes! “Time is an enormous long river” …Do you know the song Bridges that Ani Difranco and Utah Philips created on their complication CD? Aww man, it’s a good one. And NO! Not tired of the jump shots!

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