DIY Fail


Oh, how I love you.  Let me count the ways…

1. All pureed up with hot peppers, onions, and herbs as a fresh salsa.

2. Fresh from the vine and paired with cheese and basil!

3. On top of the pizza I will make for dinner tonight.

4. Most of all, I love you plucked straight from the vine and bitten, not sliced.  I don’t even mind a little juice down my chin. 🙂

On a side note, this DIYer has met a project she just ain’t into; cheese making.  I wanted so badly to excel at turning out fresh, amazing cheese made from grass-fed local milk but, umm, no.  My mozzarella is turning out rubbery and I am left with quarts of whey that I can’t bare to toss.  I like having whey around, but that’s way too much of a good thing!

Alas, I am the first to admit that somethings are much better left to the experts and for these items I am happy to pay a little more.

What kitchen projects have you undertaken with enthusiasm only to be met with disappointing results?