Castle Day

Just another Saturday…

 …spent at a castle.

This incredible castle house is owned by a friend-of-a-friends’ family and Tate and I were fortunate enough to score an invite to picnic and swim for the day.

I was too awe-struck inside the house to get any pictures but there were swords and amour and tapestries bigger than my living room.

The estate is still owned by the Scott family who built it back in 1913 as a summer retreat.

Spending an afternoon in the country was the perfect way to recover from my Saturday morning 90 minute trail run.  I do believe I’m ready for Saturday’s event!  I felt great during the run and finished strong and fast but definitely needed recovery time yesterday and took it very easy.

After swimming, exploring, and lounging we made our way to the mountain top for a picnic.

We managed to pack up just as the storm rolled in!  One thing I missed from years of living out West was thunder storms.  Love the summer thunder storms and we’ve been getting a good dose of them this month.

I’m looking forward to my Tabata workout this afternoon. 🙂

What’s your Monday workout?



  1. wow! a castle in central VA? crazy! how cool to spend the afternoon there.

    BTW I took up your camping advice – we hiked/camped out at Big Run in SNP on Friday and it was amazing! Thanks so much for that recommendation 🙂

  2. that’s neat!
    Glad you feel ready for your event. I love interval training today. Today’s (Monday) workout was a little strength training (arms) in the hotel gym, then a decent, steeeeaaap walk to Whole Foods with Eisley for some daytime snacks. I am loving San Fran’s hills.

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