Blogging is Like Yoga

August has brought with it a huge lack of motivation and enthusiasm in regards to two things that usually nourish my mind and soul; blogging and yoga.

For several weeks I have been acutely aware of my avoidance of both the mat and WordPress and both remind me daily of my neglegence; my mat sits unrolled in the corner of the living room and another morning rolls by without hitting “Publish”.   It wasn’t until this morning, as I tried to envision both yoga and posting fitting into my day, that the similarity between the two hit me.

Yoga and blogging are both

  • deeply personal paths.
  • on-going practices that are more often about the journey, not the destination.
  • best when practiced regularly.
  • a beautiful and unique way to connect with others.
  • challenging!
  • self-directed.
  • creative.
  • mobile; they can travel with you!
  • versatile; I can tailor my posts and my practice to suit my mood and needs.
Yoga and blogging can both be like taking a good, long look in the mirror and allowing (ok, sometimes forcing!) yourself to be open to what’s staring back at you.  I don’t believe that I am avoiding anything huge in the self-reflection department, I just needed a break from the constant practice of it.
But I miss them both.
And so over the second half of August I will work to regain my near-daily practices of writing, unrolling my mat, snapping pictures, finding movement, finding stillness, creating recipes, flowing through Surya Namaskar, and hitting “Publish”.
Wanna help me out?  Let me know what you would like to see on Gracefulfitness, ask me a questions about food or workouts, or tell me something that helps motivate you to get on the mat.