1. Laura

    Wow Faith! I love the photo of you about to cross the finish line. What type of sandals are you wearing in the photo of your feet? Love them. Congratulations to you and Tate! I’m a loyal reader, but this is my first comment! You exude so much confidence, it’s inspiring to me.

    • Yep, they are Patagonia and awesome! 🙂
      Thanks for reading! I really appreciate the confidence comment. Confidence is one of those things that is difficult to see in myself so I am surprised and pleased that confident is how I come across! I have, however, noticed that I’ve become more self-assured over just the last few years; maybe the thirties are better than the twenties in this way!

      • Laura

        Hi Faith! : ) Thank you for taking the time to respond! You most certainly exude a calm confidence! I have the same difficulty seeing confidence in myself, especially after moving across the country (from Manhattan Beach, CA to Manhattan, NY) to start my medical residency. This city is chaos, but fun. Trying to get in the groove within this crazy city and continue my exercise in nature as I once thrived on at the beach in CA (thank goodness I live close to Central Park). Between you and Kath, you are my daily confidence boosters to get out there and DO IT and come home and relax and enjoy some healthy food. : ) Cheers to continued confidence, Faith and to a full realization of it within yourself. I look up to you.

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