September Plans

“The virtue lies in the struggle, not in the prize.”

As far back as I can remember I’ve been a goal setter.   I was all over New Year’s resolutions; I’ve set goals to write more letters, lose a few pounds, clean the bathroom more, eat less sugar, spend less money, make more money, you name it.  These goals would usually be set with much enthusiasm on the first of the year, the first of the month, or a Monday; I like the re-set quality of these dates on the calender.

I still set goals but my intentions and actions have a new objective.

I used to see goal setting-and achieving-as an all or nothing proposition; as soon as I “slipped up” I would throw in the towel.  More often than not my “slip ups” were simply forgetting about my goals after a day or two, realizing my mistake a day or two later, and deciding that all was lost until the next Monday/1st of the month/New Year.

Ever since starting this blog my relationship with goal setting has shifted.  Maybe it’s because I publicly state my goals each month.  Maybe it’s because I am getting wiser with my years ;).  Whatever the reason, I now use goals as a tool for self-reflection and motivation rather than a means to an end.

Take August for example.

On August first, I set the goals to run 2-4 times a week, strength train 3 times a week, do Pilates 2 times a week, and practice yoga “regularly”.

Today I reflected back on the month just passed and realized the following;

  • 4 runs a week is a lot for me (never happened),
  • after months and months thrice weekly strength training workouts, August was a month for twice weekly.
  • as much as I believe in Pilates and love to reap the benefits, I have a difficult time prioritizing it!
  • despite feeling like yoga was absent from my life for most of the month, I actually practiced sort of regularly!
Mostly I realized that August was a month of relaxing a little on the organized workout and instead counting walks, hikes, and bike rides into my daily activity tally.
I feel no guilt or “should’ves” from the workouts I didn’t complete.  Instead, I feel pride and a sense of accomplishment looking over all the movement I DID!
Maybe I need to re-name my goals…perhaps “suggestions” is more appropriate…or “plan”, as in there are plans and then there’s life!
September Movement Plans
  • 3 runs a week-short distance for maintenance, medium distance with speed intervals, and long distance for endurance
  • regular yoga
  • regular dancing
  • lots of walking, hiking, and biking
  • 2 Pilates workouts a week
  • gym classes!
What about strength training?  Well, sadly I am experiencing something weird and painful happening in my right shoulder and I’ve decided to lay off the lifting for a week or more.  I think it stems from sleeping on this shoulder but it may be from using a mouse or the two games of tennis I played last week or yoga or strength training or biking.  I can’t pinpoint the cause yet but I am grateful to have a chiropractor handy to help with get rid of it!
Set goals/suggestions for yourself/plans and instead of getting caught up in what you didn’t achieve, celebrate and learn from your accomplishments!