Love The Place You Live

A dozen reasons why I love Charlottesville

1. Walk/bike-ibility.  I can get all of my commuting/errands/socializing done while breathing fresh air!

2. The weather.  Yes, summer gets crazy hot and sticky for a short time but overall it’s great.  The seasons are unique and each beautiful in their own way and there’s a good balance of sun and rain.

3. The women.  🙂  I have made amazing friends over the last year and feel very blessed to have been welcomed into this community so quickly.

4. It’s a small town.  At first this scared me a little; six degrees of separation shrinks down to 2 or 3 degrees in a town this size!  I’ve grown to love that everyone knows each other!

5. UVA.  I love that C’ville is a college town yet maintains a pulse throughout the summer and away from “The Grounds”.

6. The landscape.  Lush, green, rolling hills…

7. The running community.  I can go for a run day or night, sun, rain, or sleet and there will be others out pounding the pavement with me.  Seriously.  (Except I would never actually go running in the sleet.)

8. Proximity to (most of my) family.  After 10 years of living many flying hours and many $$$ away from my parents it’s great to be able to jump in the car and be there in 2-3 hours.

9. Activism.  Sometimes it seems like there are committees and meetings to discuss even the most trivial of matters but in the end I love living in a community that is determined to be involved in the decision making process.

10. Wine country.  The Virginia wine industry is booming and the vineyards around town are gorgeous .

11. The growing season.  Five months of frost free sunshine for all my garden goodies!

12.  I live here! One year ago I made this place home and I’m a love it or leave it kinda gal…

Do you love where you live?  If not, try making a list of the positive aspects of your home.  I could just as easily make a list of negatives about C’ville but considering that I don’t want to move any time soon it wouldn’t be very productive now would it?

Love where you live!


  1. I love where I live — Asheville! — for all the same reasons, though we have more beer here than wine (sadly) and I don’t have a tribe of amazing friends here yet (but will…)! I guess you could say I was looking for someplace like C’ville but NOT C’ville 🙂

    • gracefulfitness

      It was between Ashville and Cville for us and Cville won because of proximity to family, ocean, and d.c. Glad you love it and I have no doubt that friends will find you soon!

  2. Rach

    I love where I live, but I am not there enough. Commute to work is 1.5 hours each way and that leaves me little time to enjoy during the work week. However, the weekends are all about exploring my home town. 🙂

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