Congratulations to the incredible Josh and Taemi!

Tate and I spent the weekend in New York for a very worthy occasion; my cousin Josh married an amazing women in the breathtaking Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Joshy used to call me his “big high-up cousin” but it was him who was throwing me around on the dance floor Sunday night!  My whole family loves to dance and the floor was packed the entire night.

The weekend was perfect, lots of time with family, good weather, great food and drink, and dancing the night away under the glass roof of the Palm House.

I managed a very quick run on Saturday but my exercise highlight of the weekend was surprising my friend Ashley at her yoga class.

Ashley and I went through the dance program a The University of Utah from 2001-2005.  I knew she was in NY but we haven’t been in touch since graduation.  Last week I researched yoga studios near my hotel and the first schedule to pop up had her name on it!  She was shocked to see me and it was great to catch up a little.  She’s a wonderful teacher so if you are a yogi in the Brooklyn area I highly recommend her classes at Yoga People.

We landed back home around 9:30 last night and fell into bed for a deep night’s sleep.  It was a beautiful and memorable weekend!

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