Practice At Home

Since starting this blog I’ve written many times about how I’ve switched from a dedicated gym-goer to an at-home workout devotee.

(Sometimes “at-home” is actually on a train or at the beach. ūüôā )

As a personal trainer, yoga instructor, Pilates teacher, and avid exerciser of 15 years I’ve got quite a¬†data-bank¬†of moves, routines, and sequences to draw from but sometimes I look elsewhere for motivation and information.

Blogs, magazines, and classes are all great but recently I’ve been into two websites in particular for my Pilates and yoga sessions.

Yogaglo and Pilatesanytime are websites that operate on a subscription system.  They both offer an awesome selection of classes and I have been consistently impressed with the variety of styles, levels, and class duration to choose from.

They are simple to use, you log on, decide on what class to take and then follow along; it’s like using having a huge yoga or Pilates dvd collection at your fingertips!

The instruction on both sites is high quality, including my friend/yoga teacher from Portland Tiffany Cruikshank! ¬†Tiffany is a totally gorgeous and inspiring yogi and I was so excited when her name popped up on Yogaglo! ¬†The filming, on the other hand, is¬†mediocre, think basic studio settings and instructors fiddling with the mic. ¬†I can overlook these details for the low cost of $18 a month for unlimited access. ¬†(Both sites have a free trial period to check ’em out)

If you are brand new to Pilates or yoga I¬†recommend¬†that you seek out a beginning class in your area because it’s really important to build a solid base of knowledge about form. ¬† If you are looking for a low-cost (or free for the first two weeks! :)) way to shake up your yoga or Pilates routines check it out!

P.S. This isn’t a plug for either website, just sharing a new-found resource. ūüôā

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