1. I am feeling exactly the same way! I was on my just-moved-to-Asheville and summertime-fun highs, and now those highs have worn off. It’s been cloudy and rainy too, and that hasn’t helped. I don’t know, I just feel so off!

  2. Kate

    I always feel like this in the fall, but I seem to forget and it makes me feel like something is wrong. Nice to hear it’s normal!

  3. My body is aware of the transition, but it works the opposite way. I live in Texas, and summers here are oppressively hot (and excessively dry or humid, depending on the region). There’s really nothing to love about it. During the summer I’m pretty much completely useless. Just walking outside for 20 seconds is enough to leave me completely without energy for a good hour and a half to two hours. In the fall, however, temperatures finally drop to safe-to-be-outside ranges (seriously, heat advisories are a serious issue), and sweater weather is always welcomed. I feel I can accomplish more in the fall. I’m stronger then. More energetic. More empowered. Summer in Texas is a life sucker.

  4. What a relief to read this post! I always have a hard time letting go of summer (here in SW Missouri). Even though fall is wonderful, I do require much more sleep and low-key exercise this time of year. Thought I was the only one 🙂

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