A Year

“I just spilled a whole container of sesame seeds on my kitchen floor.

And I haven’t had my coffee yet.”  thus began my day on September 30th, 2010.

I felt a little bit the same way this morning, tired and sore and I hadn’t even gotten out of bed yet!  Darn fall fatigue

In general I am in a different and better place than I was this time last year.  Last September we bought our first house, moved to Charlottesville, began negotiations for the clinic, unpacked our stuff that had been in storage for almost two years, and starting digging a big hole to eventually place roots.

This September I am working in the clinic, teaching Pilates and dance, gardening, doing house projects, and am surrounded by great friends.  I am feeling rather settled.  Settled is good.

How has your life changed over the last year?  A year can be a long or short time depending on what is happening in your life.


  1. A year ago I was trying to move into my new house. We were stressed. I was working at a job I hated, and my husband was working in town at a seasonal job. We were just barely really becoming good friends with our acquaintances, but not without reservations.

    This year we are still in this house. I no longer work at the job I hated, but instead I am doing what I love. My husband works out of town three days a week and is at home the other four. He works for his dad as a mechanic and he loves what he does. Those good friends have become our best friends, no reservations.

  2. A year ago I moved to Nebraska to care for my grandparents for 6 months. I left behind the idea of career and left my family to help them. It changed my whole life.

    In a year I’ve lost 60 lbs and become a real food eater. I ran my first mile in February and nine miles this last Saturday.

    I left education, and am getting a degree in Nutrition.

    In one year, I feel like I’ve finally begun to live.

    • gracefulfitness

      Wow. I am inspired by everything in this comment! And impressed, the running, the weight loss, the change in career, the change in diet…congratulations on all of it! I love that you can look back over your year and see such monumental and positive shifts.

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