Hi Friends,

A few weeks ago I switched hosting and in the process lost my subscriptions!  Sorry!  If you prefer to have new posts from Gracefulfitness delivered straight to your e-mail inbox please subscribe in the left hand column.

Also, please note that the blogs URL is now www.gracefulfitnessblog.com, no more of that .wordpress business.

I’ll be back shortly with a new post!




  1. Johanna B

    Faith, do you know if washing the brine off sauerkraut takes away the fermenty goodness of it? I bought some that was refrigerated in a jar but I washed it before I ate it because of the sodium and then I wondered if I’d also washed away the good part too.

    • gracefulfitness

      Maybe a tiny bit but you’re still getting most of the goods when you eat the vegetable. It says that it’s live, right?

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