1. Thanks for the reminder to always do a warm up and cool down! I try to do both, but I’m not very good at doing it for every workout. I actually just got done swimming and didn’t do either… oops.

    To warm up before running I like to do form drills, like high knees and butt kicks, etc. My favorite way to cool down is walking after I get done with a run. It feels so good to be done, but I never just want to sit. I also like to foam roll. I’m not very good about warming up or cooling down after activites other than running, so I need to work on it!

  2. I am still guilty of skipping a warm-up, especially when I run into fitness classes late and they are already going, but I am trying to get better about cooling down. I used to leave class early when a cool-down began, but now I only do this if I have somewhere I absolutely have to be. And I actually really am glad I’m cooling down more now. It relaxes me and I’ve noticed my recovery time has decreased because of the increased stretching I’m getting in.

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