My Food Manifesto

I had some interesting discussions over the weekend with folks at the festival about FOOD.

And diets and allergies and healing your body with food and food fads.

I love these conversations and I loathe them at the same time.  Food is fascinating to me, as is people’s relationship to it, but it can easily begin to look black and white; like there’s a right way to eat and a wrong.  The truth, I believe, encompasses every color of the rainbow and more.

My personal ideas about food and “diet” change according to research I read, new foods I hear about, and my evolving environmentalism.

Here’s my current food manifesto.

I believe that the needs of our body change over time, with age, change of seasons, hormonal fluctuations, and in response to health issues.

I believe in moderation, with one exception.

I believe that dark, leafy greens are the only foods where there is no moderation necessary.  Pile ’em on!

I believe that eating fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut have kept me healthier over the last year then I’ve been in a while.

I believe that GMO “food” is crap and am in full support of mandatory labeling for any Genetically Modified Organism.

I believe that variety is key to a well rounded diet.  I eat different grains and different sources of protein and fat with each meal.

I believe food is a great way to bond and celebrate.

I believe food is beautiful, fascinating, and healing.

I believe that food tastes better when it is good for me.

I believe that cheese is one of the tastiest things out there.

I believe I should eat when I’m hungry and stop before I’m “full”.

I believe in taking a daily multivitamin but also looking to food to fill gaps/needs.  I wanted to get more Selenium in my diet so now I eat a Brazil Nut or two a day.  One of these big nuts has nearly 100% of the RDA!

I believe that there are few places that I enjoy puttering around more than the kitchen.

I believe that beans cooked from scratch are worth the extra dishes and time.

I believe that buying local is environmentally, socially, and health-wise a smart choice.

I believe that gardening is an awesome return on investment.


Which parts of my manifesto do you agree with?  Which parts do you disagree with?  What would be included in your own manifesto?