• gracefulfitness

      I don’t believe in impure yoga, I’ve been trying to write a post on this exact topic but haven’t gotten up the nerve yet.
      I want to take your yoga class!

  1. Howard

    PNF stretching actually reduced my flexibility the following days. My muscle becomes sore and tight after doing a session of pnf stretching.

    Just wondering if I’m using the wrong technique. Am I contracting my muscle too much? Am I over-stretching my muscle?

    I will try 20% strength next time. But I also need to know how much should I stretch?

    • gracefulfitness

      Was your stretching session after a workout? It sounds to me like you overdid it either in your workout or in the stretching. Overdoing it isn’t always bad but does result in soreness and necessary recovery time. Always make sure that your muscles are warm before you stretch and don’t push past the first layer of mild discomfort. If you are sore the following day, do some light exercise to warm the muscles then lightly stretch them, you should feel less sore and stiff afterwards. Consistency is key, over time you will become more flexible.

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