Smooth Sailing

I had a killer workout this morning.  Lots of squats and overhead presses.

And now our bedroom is blue!

When we bought our house last September the house was freshly renovated and although the entire house was a boring white we couldn’t bare to cover up the clean walls.  After a year with us the house has a few scratches and smears and we’ve begun adding a little color.

Painting wasn’t so bad; 3 hours, a few bad t.v shows, and some seriously sore shoulders later I am pleased with the outcome.

We’ll be sleeping downstairs in the guestroom tonight and the bedroom will have all weekend to air out because we’re going to West Virginia for a wedding (the last of the season as far as we know!).  The color is called “Smooth Sailing” and I think it’s going to be very calming and perfect for sleep.

I’ve never felt like I am very good with color (my wardrobe is black, gray, red, and blue) but I love the difference it makes in a room!

As far as the sore shoulders, I’m off the find my chiropractor 😉 and then head to a yoga class.

What’s your favorite color for walls?  We are looking for something for the living room!