Fall Into Love

Whoops, I overslept a little this morning recovering from our fifth consecutive weekend out of town and our final wedding of the “season”.  Still made it to work on time though so it’s all good.

The weekend was glorious, gorgeous weather, gorgeous bride, gorgeous setting.

West Virginia has her beauty year-round but she really shines in the fall when the sky is bluebird, the clouds are cumulus, and the foliage is falling.

One of Tate’s oldest friend’s got married on Saturday, and the ceremony was at Tate’s dad’s cabin where he grew up!

I love that weddings bring people together with the common theme of caring for two individuals.

And I love the weddings are usually a group effort!

The groomsmen (my husband and brother-in-law!) slinging hay-bails after the ceremony.

The reception was decorated in appropriate fall/country fashion.

The square dancing was lively and warmed everyone up once the sun dipped below the trees.

Weddings are such fun!