When Three Worlds Collide

Tate and I have two sets of house-guests right now.

First, let me say, I like hosting.  I enjoy sharing my space and town and understand how lovely it is to be welcomed into someone’s home rather than book into a hotel.  Also, hosting creates a pretend holiday, a chance to explore your home through new eyes and drink a bottle of wine on a Thursday night. 😉

Our first guest, Josh, is a friend that we made in Portland in 2006.  He left Portland a few years before we did and we lost touch for a while.  A few weeks ago he wrote to say he was going to be in Charlotte and wanted to drive up to Charlottesville for a visit.  We quickly fell back into laughs and conversation and, for he and Tate, sports.  They spent every bit of daylight either on their bikes or throwing a frisbee!

Our other guests arrived late last night, they are three young women from Norway.  We met one of them, Mette, in June 2010 while we were traveling through Tibet.  We spent 8 days together in a tour group and Mette said many times how interested she was in traveling to “The States”.  I didn’t know if she’d ever make it but I told her she was more than welcome to come stay with us if she came.

And here she is!  She’s been working her way across the U.S working on organic farms through the organization called WWOOF.

I feel like three of my world’s are colliding today; my Portland-world, my traveler world, and my current C-ville world, and I love it!  It reminds me that the real heart of life is connecting with people.  No matter whether I am making new connections or fostering old ones, this is what makes life interesting, special, and memorable.

This is why I love the blogging world.  Blogging is all about making connections over commonalities, like chia seeds or Tabata training!  Thanks for being a part of my blog world!  It wouldn’t be the same without you!