The LEEP Procedure

When I got the results of CIN3 from the colposcopy last month it was recommended that I get a LEEP Procedure to remove the dysplasia.

Being a modern day women, I immediately hit the Google and read everything I could find on the procedure.

First thing I realized is that this is incredibly common among women in my age group.

Second thing I realized is that each experience is very different depending on the severity of the dysplasia and each women’s response to treatment.

Third thing I realized is that I hadn’t found a good, first-hand account of the procedure.

As I said, every women, circumstance, and doctor is very different but here’s what I experienced today with the LEEP.

The set-up was exactly the same as it is for a pelvic exam.

The speculum was huge and uncomfortable in and of itself.

The doctor injected Lidocaine internally into the area for local anesthesia- PAINFUL but short lived.

Here’s the scary part; the “loop” is just a little thing, about the size of my pinky nail, but it burns anything it touches.   The doctor let me know how important it is that I stayed completely still while he was using it.  It sounded a little bit like a drill and hurt really bad for the two seconds at a time he actually used it.  My entire body was tensed up and my jaw was clenched in an effort not to move a muscle.  As soon as he took it away it just went back to being uncomfortable but not painful.  He said that it was rare to experience pain but I most certainly did.  I have a decent pain tolerance, I have two tattoos and used to pierce my own ears when I was a teen!

I was SO relieved when it was over, which was about 10-15 l-o- n-g minutes after he started.  I heard that sometimes you feel a little woozy afterward but I just felt a tiny bit weak.  I was still glad that Tate was there to drive me home because I immediately started experiencing bad pain/cramping low in my pelvis.  Ibuprofen and a hot water bottle have helped but it’s been a low key day.

My doctor recommended the following for recovery;

  • No vigorous exercise for a week
  • No baths or swimming for 2 weeks
  • Nothing in the vagina for 3-4 weeks
  • Follow-up Pap in 3 months
  • No wait necessary before TTC, after the 4 weeks (just sayin’ 😉 )
I expect a call on Monday or Tuesday confirming that everything went well and that the margins were clear.
I hope this helps at least one person out there who is awaiting the procedure or trying to decide whether to have it.


Good morning!  I’ve got a public service announcement for you today.

Check out the new recommendations for annual pelvic exams and Pap Smears.  This is big.  MANY, MANY women deal with the stress of receiving a ‘false abnormal’ and undergoing more tests/treatment.   In cases of mild-moderate abnormalities, when things would probably regress on their own, the testing, treatment, and stress can cause more harm than good.