Weekend Wonderland

I spent the weekend in a wonderland.

Thad, Frances, Tate, and I left Cville Friday afternoon and by the time we started up Cheat Mountain the snow was coming down.

The reason for our weekend retreat?  Frances’ birthday!

Thad and Frances are our adventure buddies, the four of us rarely get together just for a meal or a catch up; instead we go swimming or hiking or exploring.  When they invited us to share a weekend at her mom’s vacation home deep in the woods on a mountain in West Virginia we knew it was an offer we couldn’t refuse.

The home was gorgeous, the fireplace was constantly crackling, the sauna was hot, and the snow fell for two days.

I was a little apprehensive about going away for the weekend right after the LEEP but Frances assured me that the mountain house was an excellent place to recover and recharge.  And she was so right.  I felt pretty crummy on Saturday but the expectations were very low, a little tromping through the snow, a little reading, and lots of tea and good food.

Nearly 48 hours went by without getting in or hearing a car.  Beautiful Silence.

We did lots of cooking, including [almost completely] following a recipe for lentil loaf and cashew gravy.

Thad, with Frances help, made the birthday.

And Saturday night birthday cake dessert became Sunday morning birthday cake breakfast.  Mmmmm…

The sun came out and began melting the snow away just in time for our last walk and departure back to the real world.


    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks! I’ve been feeling like I’ve stalled out in the learning curve of DSLR but maybe it’s just slowed down.

  1. Wonderful outdoor photos. I imagined myself as part of the scenery and I could feel relaxation spreading through me. Especially the one with the stream running through. I love to be in places like that.

  2. GOR-GEOUS photos, lovely. You look so pretty too — all of you do. Even though that’s A LOT of snow for my taste, I’d suck it up for a lovely, serene weekend with loved ones/friends. Now I just want cake. Hope you are feeling better.

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