November Goals


Do they light a fire under your ass?

Or do they make you feel bad when you don’t accomplish them to a ‘T’?

I’ve always been a resolution-maker, a goal-setter, and since starting this blog I’ve gotten much better at sticking to the exercise goals.  Sort of…

I did great for a several months and then life made it abundantly clear that it was time to take a little break, lose track, take each day as it came.  It was a good lesson for me, my workouts got a little lighter, I tuned into my bodies seasonal needs, and, even though I had no plan or goals, my body still craved near daily exercise.

But now I am ready to reinstate a  little monthly exercise goal-setting.

I get pleasure and pride at being able to look back over a week or month of exercise and see a balance of cardio, strength, flexibility, and  mind-body-spirit movement.  Even when I don’t fully ‘accomplish’ my goals I am rewarded with a lesson; maybe I’m just not that person who can run more than 4 times a week!

Today I am a little torn.  My plan was to start a mileage goal of 100 walking and running miles this month.  The problem is that ever since the LEEP on Thursday I’ve been been experiencing this crazy pain in my right thigh.  It feels like the biggest, worst bee sting ever and runs from my groin to just passed my knee.  The area is really painfully tender to the touch, like a bruise but there’s no discoloring.  I have to work very hard not to lean forward and limp around (I don’t want to limp because it will cause all kinds of problems in my hips and knees).   If you’ve had the procedure please tell me whether you experienced anything like this!

I am hoping that it will go away soon but it may be setting myself up for failure to make a walking/running goal this month.

November Goals

  • 3 strength training workouts a week
  • 3 Pilates workout a week
  • 3 yoga practices a week
  • 3 cardio workouts a week of at least 35 minutes (running, elliptical, biking, etc.)
Do you have November fitness/exercise goals?



  1. I got a new yoga DVD. It’s one Kath reccommended a long time ago on her blog. Something about sunrise and sunset. Can’t wait to try it out for the first time this weekend and then work on it this month. I need more yoga in my life.

  2. My goal for November is injury-free climbing training & getting to a point I would feel comfortable doing a climbing competition.
    I’m glad the test results came back with good news. I did a little research & haven’t come across any thing about blood clots & LEEPs — the only associated post I found was yours on ehealth forum. 😉 I hope the pain goes away, & you are able to figure out what it is. Let me know if you need anything.

    • gracefulfitness

      I woke up yesterday and immediately knew that my leg was on the mend. After getting progressively worse for a week, it still hurts but is getting better day by day. So sweet of you to look into it.
      What kind of climbing comp? That sounds awesome!

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