1. I sometimes do a few lunges and squats while waiting for my lunch to heat up at work! I also power walk the long around to get to other places in my office. Sometimes if I’m feeling really tired, I’ll close a conference room door and do a few jumping jacks and downward dogs to get the blood flowing.

    • gracefulfitness

      I especially love the conference room jacks! I used to work at an farm stand and there was one spot in the kitchen where I could do jacks without being spotted.

  2. Mary

    I take a great yoga class twice a week and during the last class our instructor said we should do at least 5 minutes of yoga stretches every morning – 10 would be even better- to wake up and warm up our body for the day.
    I’m going to add your suggestions to my cleaning routine to make it more fun and get in a workout at the same time.

  3. I jump on my exercycle for a few minutes whenever I can or I lay down on my mat (which I keep unfurled on my bedroom floor) for a few stretches or I pick-up a dumbell and lift a few. It adds up through the day on those days when I don’t have a nice chunk of time to do it all at once.

  4. I do pliés while I brush my teeth. When I remember to. I love pliés, and as I get older I think doing them is helping keep my hip joints flexible.

  5. papa

    Working in the theatre, I look for any reason to go up and down the long, steep stairs to access the control booth, projection room and tool closet; the historic StairMaster

  6. Steph

    After reading Kath’s blog and hearing you mentioned for so long, I finally opened the recent URL for your salt recipe and started reading… I realized that I had gone through /50 pages of your blog over the last few days without commenting. Just thought I would say hi, and that your commentary on life, health and food is appreciated!

    (Also – after a failed attempt at Kombucha this summer I am going to try again)

    • gracefulfitness

      Hi Steph,
      Thanks for checking it out! My Kombucha’s been failing lately too! It is a finicky culture, it will work great forever and then just switch and crap out. I may just need to start from scratch. Good luck!

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