1. I would have chosen the local apple, too. Fortunately we have a local organic apple orchard nearby so I don’t have to fight that battle over apples. Not too much fruit is grown locally though so I try to buy US stuff when I can. So many choices to way with each and every purchase. I hope I make more right ones than wrong ones.

    • gracefulfitness

      Johanna, that’s how I feel too, I hope I make mostly good choices. In the end I don’t know that it will slow global warming or dramatically reduce our waste but it makes me feel like I am doing what I can to make the world a nice place to live.
      I always appreciate your comments!

  2. Mary

    Great post! I have a garden in my yard & also buy from a local farmer’s market buying club (it’s mostly organic). But the grocery store is harder, I look for local but it’s hard to find. I try to eat in season as much as possible and freeze lots of veggies in the summer to enjoy in the winter. Have you ever made hummus with lima beans? It’s amazing!

    • gracefulfitness

      I am a big fan of limas and I can image that their creamy texture would be great in hummus, I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

  3. This post makes me happy. I’ve been meaning to revisit my “zero waste” goals, assess & share what I’m doing. Thanks for this!
    p.s. I made your tofu & nutritional yeast non-recipe this week. We LOVED it, & it was still great as leftovers. Thanks again.

  4. That’s wonderful that you’re thinking of the environment throughout the day- not just recycling a can! We try to buy local if we can (farmers mkts) anything that’s closer from the store- but it is difficult at times.

  5. I love this post! If we shared a kitchen we would get along just fine.
    One thing that I do to think “Green” in the kitchen is to not shop too often from the grocery store when I can. My husband and I subscribe to a CSA – community support agriculture – and get a box of delicious, organic and local veggies every week! We also try to shop at the farmer’s market as well, though depending on your region, you can’t find everything and the season is limited.

  6. Su

    Here in Venezuela buying “local” or “organic” is simply imposible. With our political and economic situation right now we mainly import EVERTHING. Im talking about milk, fruits, veggies, meat… I’d love to be more conscious about buying food but is imposible : (

    • gracefulfitness

      I’m so sorry to hear that! One of the amazing things about living in Peru was how local everything was and that the geography of the country supported a great range of products. I imagine that Venezuela could also support loads of diversity and grow amazing food, which makes it all the sadder that it’s not available. I am really interested in hearing more about this situation, any chance you would be interested in writing a little guest post about how the relationship between food and politics in Venezuela? This could be entirely from your perspective, it wouldn’t have to be research-based, more of an insight into how this effects your day to day in the kitchen and grocery store. No pressure but I think it would be very interesting if you are interested….

    • gracefulfitness

      I freeze all kinds of stuff in glass jars; soups, grains, beans, pumpkin puree, pesto, sauces…You just have to leave a good deal of headroom and make sure the food has cooled completely before going in the freezer. Also, I find that beans come out better if you put an inch or so of the cooking water in there too, otherwise sometimes they get a little dry. I leave 1/2-1 inch of space at the top for expansion.

  7. In Michigan, we are lucky in the summer months with lots of local fruits and veggies but come winter, they are much harder to come by! This year I was extremely blessed to be gifted a lot of home grown/local fruits and veggies for free and I froze them. I froze tomoatoes, peaches, applesauce, rhubarb, green beans, carrots, strawberries and rutabegas. The only things I paid for were the strawberries and peaches (I got a 10lb bag for $1, because they were soft!).

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