1. Katie O.

    This is so interesting! Okay…so can you give me details on soaking oats. I have the steel cut kind. Do I just soak them in the amount of water recommended for cooking them? And its okay to leave them overnight without refridgeration?
    Another question…I love savory in the morning. So I usually have wheat toast and avocado spread on top. Can you think of anything savory to add to oats or do they always have to be sweet? 🙂 Thanks for your help Faith!

    • gracefulfitness

      Thanks for asking Katie,
      yep, soak the steel cut in the required cooking water, add a little spoon of whey, yogurt, or kefir and leave overnight. The next day just bring to a boil then simmer until cooked (much faster than unsoaked steel cut!).
      I love, love, love mixing a few spoons of nutritional yeast, a pinch of salt, and fresh ground pepper into my oats then topping with a fried egg or two. Avocado slices on top would be great too!
      The oats are fine to sit out overnight, the acid in the yogurt prevents any bad bacteria from forming and you’re going to boil it anyway.

      • Katie O.

        Great recipe! I will try the savory oats this weekend. Just bought nutritional yeast actually. LOL Thanks again for the reply.

  2. Tracy

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I learned about phytic acid long ago but fell out of the habit of soaking… and I actually forgot about the importance of it! Great post!

  3. You are so thorough when it comes to nutrition. I love it. I always find great reminders or reinforcement here.
    Now, is phytic acid also found in spinach? I believe I read that somewhere & it made me sort of avoid spinach. While I don’t go out of my way now to avoid it, I rely on other greens for my main greens. Your thoughts?

  4. bbishopski

    Several studies show that soaking oats + acid has no real benefit in reducing Phytic Acid. Adding a complimentary ground grain (such as ground rye or buckwheat) apparently does reduce it. So complimentary grain + acid + soak = digestible oats. That’s a lot of work for someone who eats oats every day.

  5. […] But now as the temperature drops, I’m back in oatmeal mode. Hot cereal feels so nourishing and satisfying on a cool morning. Fiance Yogi (what in the world am I going to call him after this weekend? Any suggestions?) particularly likes steel cut oats. They take more time then regular rolled oats, but they are worth it. If you have time/remember, try to always soak your grains – overnight ideally, which also cuts the cooking time significantly. It’s best to add a little tiny splash of ACV or lemon juice as this helps break down phytic acid, making your oats more digestible and nutritious. […]

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